Urbanfarmcamp – Welcome

UrbanFarmCamp is a user-generated conference focused on exploring “Food security, and growing your own fresh food in an urban or suburban setting.” Calling for our education, our industries, our cities, the country, the world, the self to wake up to the joys and quality of food that can be grown in these settings. By opening discussion of these questions to our peers we can start to develop the answers. Urbanfarmcamp believes the community is the best tool available to predict, analyze, and create the future of Local AG.

So how will this work?

Like a BarCamp, participants will start the event determining the schedule. All participants are encouraged to come with an idea they’d like to present or lead a discussion on, and we’ll supply index cards for participants to write down their panels and place them on the schedule grid. The schedule will be broken into forty minute session blocks. More about unconferences. See the media page for some video of past events.

Some examples:

Once the schedule has been determined the event organizers will kick things off with a short welcome and the schedule will be made easily accessible for participants throughout the event. Everyone is encouraged to attend and actively participate in as many sessions as they can; if you feel like a session isn’t what you expected then you’re encouraged to go check out another session instead.

We’d love to offer food and drinks at the event and follow up with an After Party. If you’re interested in helping make TrendCamp nourishing to the body and liver as well as the mind let us know that you’d like to be a sponsor!

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