Sponsor Us

Sponsor Us

Urbanfarmcamp can’t happen without the support of the community. This means Urbanfarmcampneeds people to attend, to bring ideas for sessions, and to discuss what the future holds. Urbanfarmcamp also needs sponsors to help keep the event free to everyone who wants to attend.

Sponsoring Urbanfarmcamp means you’ll be supporting a creative, driven community of people across the Philadelphia region who are interested in finding, researching, and producing the trends that will drive technology, media, culture, politics, and society over the coming months, years, and decades. In return for your support we’ll make sure the community knows who made Urbanfarmcamp happen!

If you’re interested in making a monetary donation to help sponsorUrbanfarmcamp , contact us at twitter @urbanfarmcamp.

1 Response to Sponsor Us

  1. Dean Sparks says:

    Happy to help if I can….I am an organic farmer from Upstate NY and creator of a full line of local, organic dairy items from small family farms across NY state. You can check out http://www.getnymilk.com to learn more about our project. A big part of our mission is to educate and create opportunities for consumers to make direct connections to their food supply.


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